Reciporal Golf for Ruddington Grange Members

Below is the golf courses we have reciprocal golf with.

  • Branston Park (FREE)
  • Birstall (£5 per person) Monday - Friday
  • Shirland (£5 per person)
  • Trent Lock (£5 per person)
  • Forest Hills - Leicestershire (£5 per person)
  • Forest Hills - Gloucestershire (£5 per person)
  • Evesham - (£5 per person)
  • Louth - (£10 per person)


All bookings to be made through the Ruddington Grange Professional Shop.

Membership cards or bag tags must be shown at the golf club to show you are a member. If you are bringing a non member with you a full green fee must be paid. 

Bookings can be made 7 days in advance with no play on Saturdays and Sunday mornings.