Gents Open Results

Posted on Monday 12th October, 2020

Thank you to everyone who took part in the delayed Gents Open. We had a full field of 154 players. The weather was excellent and the golf course looked wonderful.

Well done to Jason Winter & Lee Dring for winning the Gents Open with a score of 46 Points with D Radford & C Jackson also scoring 46 points. Jason and Lee won the event with a better back 9 score of 24 points.

Winners: L Dring & J Winter 46 Points (24 pts back 9)

Runners Up: D Radford & C Jackson 46 Points

3rd Place: S Gourlay & C Hammond 45 Points

4th Place: G Shepard & S Kenny 44 Points 

5th Place: D Hammond & A Gourlay 43Points (15 points back 6)

6th Place: D Raven & D Mackie 

Best Front 9 (outside the Prizes) P Jennings & J Nightingale 25 Points

Best Back 9 (outside the Prizes): S Hallam & D Peck 23 Points