Golf Course Blog December 2020

Posted on Monday 21st December, 2020

Greens, Tees and Drains


Spray, Aeration, Rope & Pitch Marks

We have continued with a mix of Turf Hardening products containing Iron and Calcium, as well as a preventative package containing Chitosan to help the plant as the unusually high disease pressure has continued through to this month. This has been caused by our old friend the weather giving us mild air temperatures during the day and night. We have had the pleasure of a few frosty nights to help us but the majority of the days have still been damp and mild.

You may have also noticed that there are small holes in the greens, this is our ongoing pencil tine operation to ensure root growth and air movement through the soil, and to break down organic matter build up which will help our greens retain nutrients to make them stronger and increase disease resistance.

We have also put ropes in high traffic areas to protect the greens and the surrounding areas.

I ask you to follow these rather than step over them although inconvenient your cooperation in this matter would be much appreciated and will benefit the course going into the playing season.

We are putting regular coverings of sand over these areas, to aid drier walking areas and protection of the grass.

Finally Pitch Marks, quite simply repair them as they’re a menace that contribute a significant amount to undoing all the hard work done by the team and will only serve to ruin the surface for next season. 

A properly repaired pitch mark can take as little as 1 day to disappear in mild conditions in the winter.

A pitch mark that is ignored can take up to 3 months to repair and the lasting damage to the surface will potentially affect ball roll for as long as 6 months.

Tree Maintenance

Noticeable Results & Ongoing Work

12th Tee - Before.

12th Tee - After.

As we continue with our winter Tree maintenance we have been busy on the 12th tee to increase air movement and sunlight around it to make the tee grass stronger all year round.

Winter sunlight making its way on to the 6th green.

The work on the removal of the conifers between the 6th green and 14th tee will be of huge benefit to the green. This activity will now help to provide much needed sunlight and airflow to help dry out the green and surrounding area. It will also help to strengthen the grass on the green and aid recovery.


Discovery & Maintenance

Additional drains are being located, unblocked and are now flowing.

Drains have been located and unblocked to the left of the 3rd hole and to the right of the 5th green. We can add these to the list of forgotten drains that have recently been rediscovered.

These are flowing freely now and will help us in the future during periods of persistent rainfall.

All the drains found last year and earlier this year are also now flowing freely, as are the ditches and waterways.

The benefit to the course is already being felt. We have experienced significant amounts of rainfall over the past month or so but although it may be necessary, on occasions, for members to carry, we have at least been able to play all 18 holes rather than the 4 holes we were restricted to at a similar time last year.