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Gents Prize Giving 10.10.18

Posted on Wednesday 3rd October, 2018

PRIZEGIVING 10thOCOTBER 7.30PM START July Monthly Medal Div 1: M Wooton Nett 67 Div 2: S Kynoch Nett 67 Div 3: J Barry Nett 60 July Midweek Medal Div 1: D Allsopp Nett 72 Div 2: R Lees Nett 70 Div 3: C Adkin Nett 67 Tom Mansworth Trophy Winner: D Scott... Read full post

Ladies Open Results

Posted on Monday 24th September, 2018

1ST Jenny Chung, Cath Wong, Kim Lee, Sui Kwan Tsang 90 Pts 2nd Bernie Barton, Aileen Knoch, Abbie Chambers, Pam Hayes 83 Pts 3rd Jane Baxter, Janet Allman, Christine Johnson, Linda Allwood 75 Pts 4th Denise Young, Ellen Sanderson, Yvette Saunders Alison Banks 75... Read full post

Children’s Charity Day Results

Posted on Sunday 12th August, 2018

Men's 1st: P Deacon, M Deeley, J Nelson L Bartlett 2nd: S Murphy, D Branley, A Murphy, A Bacon 3rd: C Hatley, D Dring, J Sipos, L Hawkes,  4th: P Rainbow, C Dryden, A Flowers, A Hughes 5th:... Read full post

July Prizegiving

Posted on Thursday 5th July, 2018

PRIZEGIVING 11TH JULY 7.30PM START Charity Cup Winner: n Gregory 43 Pts Runner Up: S Gourlay 41 Pts Third: C Bunyan 41 Pts April Monthly Medal Div 1: A Warwick Nett 69 Div 2: I Best Nett 69 Div 3: K Brittle Nett 72 April Midweek Stableford Winner: L... Read full post

Seniors Open 2018 Results

Posted on Thursday 5th July, 2018

Seniors Open 2018 Results 1st - Glyn Bramley & Adrian Pritchett 47 points (b6) 2nd - Philip Toon & Keith Dugmore 47 points 3rd - Alan Waplington & Ernest Gadsby 45 points 4th - Michael Barton & Maurice Barr 44 points (b9) 5th - R... Read full post

Gents Open Results

Posted on Monday 25th June, 2018

Thank you to everyone for entering the Gents Open. The results are as follows: Winners: Kevin Boulter & J Houlden (Rufford Park) 48 pts Runners Up: N Wheatley & R Creaser: 45 Pts Third: C Budd & A Vernon 44 Pts Fourth: S... Read full post

Rggc Open Results

Posted on Monday 14th May, 2018

Thank you to everyone who took part. The results are as follows: 1st: J Padam,P Padam, R Kalra, H Heran 91 Points 2nd: M Afzal, S Diega, A Ullah, T Latif 90 Pts 3rd: M McGirr, M McGirr, M Graham, S... Read full post

Gents Prizegiving

Posted on Monday 2nd April, 2018

Prizegiving Wednesday 4th April 2018 7.30pm start October Winter League Div 1 Winners: Dave Blue & Richard Howell 42 Pts Runners Up: Chris & Richard Beardsley 42 Pts Div 2 Winners: Tan Gani & Tim Palmer 42 pts Runners Up: Dick Simmons & Anthony Peat 40 Pts ... Read full post