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May 2021: Hollow Tining, Verti Cutting and Top Dressing


February 2021: Greens, Tree Maintenance, Bunker Edging and Drains

Posted on Sunday 28th February 2021

The aeration program on the greens has continued with pencil tines after the frozen conditions of the last couple of weeks....Read full post

December 2020: Greens, Tees and Drains

Posted on Monday 21st December 2020

We have continued with a mix of Turf Hardening products containing Iron and Calcium, as well as a preventative package containing Chitosan to help the plant as the unusually high disease pressure has continued through to this month...Read full post

November 2020: Greens, Tees and Trees

Posted on Thursday 19th November 2020

It's been a busy first week of lockdown on the greens, we have sprayed the greens with low Nitrogen fertiliser to give them strength, enhance root growth and taken advantage...Read full post